Butler, Hamilton County

What does your business create?

Our business is a custom sheet metal fabricator and machine shop. We are an OEM that makes parts to serve the defense, oil and gas, transportation and logistics, material handling, consumer products, and capital equipment industries.

What makes you proud to be in the manufacturing industry?

I am most proud of the fact that Metalworking Group was born from three local Cincinnati manufacturing firms that we acquired in the 1980’s. We are a family-owned business that has grown and expanded over the years into one of the premiere fabrication shops in the Midwest, specializing in very large, welded fabrications in addition to more traditional enclosures and machined parts.

What career path opportunities can be pursued at your company?

You could start out here as an accountant, sales representative or quality manager and grow into an ownership role…as current and prior ownership have done. I have always said that growing the business will provide opportunities for personal growth for our employees within the business. We routinely have people that move up from roles on the shop floor into engineering, supervision, quality control and other leadership roles. We are striving to provide more educational opportunities within the business to help facilitate our employee’s growth potential.

What roles are most critical to meeting your production needs?

There is no one role that is more critical than all the others. Our production is reliant on the skills from our shop floor, customer service, and all our support roles. Our current bottleneck right now is welding and we are working hard to develop a welding training program that will enable us to train and upskill our welding department to better serve the advanced welding requirements our customers demand.

What do you love most about the greater Cincinnati region?

Foremost is the fact that we have a rich manufacturing history here in the greater Cincinnati region. Those deep roots have formed the basis for future generations of manufacturing talent. It is this talent that sustains companies like Metalworking Group. Without our talented associates we would not be able to serve our customers in the manner that they require and that meets our standards for quality, price and delivery.

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