Welcome to Manufacturing Month 2020

This experience is intended to attract a larger workforce while showcasing the high tech, variety of skills, and careers that are available to the next generation of students considering manufacturing. When students have a chance to experience modern manufacturing firsthand, they are primed to succeed and contribute within this exciting field.

Video Tours

Showing the exciting and ever evolving world of manufacturing!

Why Manufacturing

To demonstrate the professional skills used every day in manufacturing work!


To further explore how students will succeed as advanced manufacturers!

Worthington INdustries

Women in engineering

Educator-Business Externship

Forward Technologies

Creators wanted

Advanced Manufacturing Exploration Activity

Perfetti Van Melle

Extraordinary Opportunities

Math Resource

Coming Soon

Monti Inc.

Creators Wanted

American Graduate


Ohio's Manufacturing Community

INdividual Engineering Challenge

Regal Beloit Experience

Regal Beloit Manufacturing

Group Engineering Challenge

Barsplice Products

General Electric

Junior Achievement Resources