blog post written by Lacy Wise

After yet another article regarding the Industrial Skills Gap, what else could be said that hasn’t already? Yet, in this article journalist David Miller indicates barriers created by modern manufacturing practices and acknowledges that looming retirements for many manufacturing leaders.

It’s not that the industry is becoming too modern for the current leadership. It’s that there’s a decline of fresh, talented career-seekers considering manufacturing. Jake Hall aka The Manufacturing Millenial,, spelled it out best, “8 out of 10 adults agree that manufacturing is critical to the Economy and Nationally, yet only 3 out 10 would encourage their kids to go into the industry. Let that sink in.”

We need parents and students to understand that manufacturing is thriving and is an amazing career path. 

The 4.6 million new manufacturing jobs projected over the next decade (according to Deliotte) should be proof enough for parents to act fast. This challenge will continue to breed at the same rapid pace of technological change. The collective messaging in the U.S. putting value on getting four-year degrees cannot be undone. The rhetoric can be shifted to make progress for the current skills gap. 

As a parent, it is mind boggling that more parents aren’t taking advantage of the amount of financial support aplenty. Programs are available: funded through government agencies and manufacturers. Numerous avenues of apprentices, internal training and other tuition assistance should be celebrated as great paths to gain skills.

Finally, a quote from the article hit the nail on the head to accelerate a solution.

“We have to not only instill excitement in students about these careers, but also [involve] the parents who may not envision their children going into a skilled trade.”

Want to see the exciting side of manufacturing?

  • Go visit your local manufacturers – Events like MFG Day!
  • Check out virtual tours and videos of manufacturers (YouTube & Vimeo)
  • Learn from content creators that speak to manufacturing

Finally, encourage fellow parents, students and educators to do the same.

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