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What does your business create?

Established in 1976, GMi has been crafting and serving our customers’ needs with innovative and customizable communication, collaboration, and learning solutions for over 45 years.

Beginning as a premium supplier of visual communication tools, GMi now offers display, space division, and healthcare solutions in addition to visual communication products like whiteboards, glassboards, bulletin boards, and enclosed message centers. Our products are specified through our dealer partner network and used to finish a space and make it functional. We manufacture products to help people work better together.

What makes you proud to be in the manufacturing industry?

GMi began as a family-owned business in 1976 and remains that way today. Our founders established GMi’s purpose which is: service to our customers, service to our employees, and service to our community. GMi is proud to be a “Made in the USA” manufacturer. This allows us to customize and personalize products for our customers.  

“Our culture at GMi is of great importance,” explained CEO G. Mark Leasure. “We are proud to have multiple generations of many families and we typically have over a dozen employees with 25+ years of service.”

GMi was named a Top Place to Work in 2023. Below are recent comments employees shared about why they like working at GMi:  

  • “The atmosphere, the inclusion, the compassion and understanding around personal time off. You feel you are part of the team and make a difference.”
  • “It is a fun place to work and they care about the workers.”
  • “They are a very family-friendly company and believe in giving others a second chance at a   wonderful career.”

What career path opportunities can be pursued at your company?

We have many career paths and that is one of the exciting things about manufacturing. For example, we have an employee who started in maintenance and is now an engineer. Production employees have grown into lead roles and have advanced into other areas of the company including account management, finance, logistics, and product development. We really try to promote from within and provide employees with career pathing opportunities.

What roles are most critical to meeting your production needs?

All roles at GMi are critical to meeting production needs. Communication is key to serving our customers. Departments that serve production include sales, account management, HR, finance, engineering, maintenance, scheduling, warehousing, quality control, logistics and the production team. The great thing about manufacturing is all the opportunities and roles needed to be successful.

What do you love most about the greater Cincinnati region?

Great accessibility. We are within 6 hours of 60% of the US population. Ohio has more miles of highway than most states. Our region has access to rail, air freight, and barges. There is more technology in our region than most. The people in our region are willing to help. Servant leadership mindset prevails.

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