Manufacturing Day

October 6, 2023
Every year, America’s manufacturing sector opens its doors to celebrate Manufacturing Day on the first Friday of October.

Apprenticeships: Earn & Learn


1,300+ apprenticeship opportunities and 230+ different positions available. More are being added all the time. 

Ohio One-Year Option

Established by House Bill 59 and allows graduates from Ohio Technical Center 900 or greater hour programs to earn credit toward an Associates of Technical Studies. 

Kentucky FAME Program
Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky (TRACK)

Pre-apprenticeship path that utilizes Kentucky’s existing CTE infrastructure in high school and culminates in an industry-recognized credential, paid work experience and advanced standing within a full Registered Apprenticeship.


Help your students get a jumpstart on life after high school by connecting them with work-based learning opportunities.

Indiana FAME Program
Indiana Next Level Jobs

The Workforce Ready Grant pays for all tuition and regularly assessed fees for qualifying high-value certificates at any eligible training provider.

Work+Learn Indiana

A dynamic, searchable database that also provides resources and guidance on work-based learning programs.

Cincinnati, American Graduate & CET Ohio Collaborative

Across Greater Cincinnati there are numerous organizations making contributions—both large and small—to support young people identify, prepare for, and move into a successful career. These jobs require some education and training after high school, but not necessarily a four-year degree.