While it’s been over a year since we added COVID-19 to our daily vocabulary, the pandemic continues to have devastating effects around the world. Through the past twelve months, manufacturers have persevered, with many of us having to drastically change how we work and interact with one another. Wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding crowds, and frequent handwashing will likely be necessary for some time, despite the coming availability of the COVID-19 vaccines. Further details for vaccine availability for each state is available through the resources below:

Locate Vaccine Resources Near You

An appointment is required at most locations to receive your vaccination and some appointments can be made online. To find local providers click or copy the following link into your browser: vaccinefinder.org/search/

* VaccineFinder shows you locations that have available COVID-19 vaccines. VaccineFinder will provide you with a link to schedule the appointment through the location’s website or with a phone number to call to make an appointment.

Joining the Fight Against COVID-19, Yellow & Red Ribbon Initiative

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The Manufacturing Institute launched the Yellow and Red Ribbon Initiative to encourage vaccinations against COVID-19. To join this campaign, tell your vaccination motivation story on social media using the hashtag #ThisIsOurShot.

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