• AMIP Mission/Pillar Structure/Leadership Team
  • Good News!
  • Vega + Woodward High School Co-op Program (Pictured below)
  • Launch AMIP – Goals for 2022 
  • Focus on Veterans – Guest: Major David Crookham (Pictured below)
  • Teacher Externships 2021/2022 – Contact: Megan Reed, Miami University
  • Tech Cred Update – Contact: Molly Fender, Monti, Inc. or Cathy Metcalf
  • OMA Updates
  • EDA Grant
  • DOL Scaling Apprenticeship – Guest: Vickie McMullen, TechSolve 
  • Member Announcements
Guest Presenters explaining the purpose and success of Vega Co-op program.
Guests: Heather Jackson, VEGA Americas Inc, Philip Gibert, Cincinnati Public Schools, Juhlian Cavanaugh, Woodward Student
Marine for Life Guest Presenter
Guest: Major David “Hambone” Crookham, Marine For Life

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Grow Advanced Manufacturing in the Greater Cincinnati Region and: 

  • Connect With Your Future Workforce 
  • Connect With Regular Talent Workshop Sessions   
  • Connect With Your Peer Manufacturers
  • Connect With Your Region’s Education Partners
  • Connect With Best Practices From Across the State & Country
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