Fuel & Funding for Manufacturing


Grants, Funding & Opportunities… oh my! Across the Tri-state, there are significant resources to build a robust workforce in manufacturing. Discover what funding is available in your area for a career change or how you can participate as an employer trying to round out your talent.

“We’re just really excited that it’s making an impact, not only for our larger employers… But over half of our employers that are taking advantage of that program have less than 200 employees. So, we are really working with employers of all sizes to really make an impact for them as well.”

PJ McGrew, Indiana Governor’s Workforce Cabinet

Featured Guests:

PJ McGrew, Executive Director of the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet

PJ has dedicated his professional career to serving individuals through education and training services. He has diverse experience both in and out of the classroom through his years as an educator and state government. He served Indiana’s students as Education Policy Director for then-Governor Mike Pence and current-Governor Eric J. Holcomb. With the link between education and workforce growing ever stronger, PJ was named Director of Policy for the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet created in the 2018 legislative session.


Jason Hendrickson, Program Manager for Apprenticeship Program at CSCTC WDC

Jason is an instructor and assistant business manager to Cincinnati State Career and Technical Center (CSCTC) Workforce Development Center (WDC). He resides in Northern Kentucky and has decades of manufacturing experience, specifically in electrical controls, PLC, HMI, servo and robotic programming. These programs allow students to enter the manufacturing workforce through hands-on experience, or accelerate growth to advance within their current careers.


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