Debunking Manufacturing Myths: “Manufacturing environments are dirty or dingy.


The images that come to mind when people think of machine shops and manufacturing are generally outdated, and false. If you are accustomed to these environments you know that it is not the place your grandpa used to work in back in the 70s. In fact, technology and innovation are at the forefront of manufacturing. This false perception has impaired some students from pursuing careers in machining, welding, tool & die, and the list goes on.

Every shop that I’ve been in, they are so up to code on things… I’ve never felt unsafe. They’re organized and so many follow lean manufacturing practices… and the equipment itself is automated. It’s not as manual as some people might think.”

Christina Fuges, Editorial Director, Mold Making Technology

Featured Guest:

Christina Fuges, Editorial Director, Mold Making Technology

Christina has 28 years of experience in trade publishing. She has been MMT’s Editorial Director for the past 22 years. She was a founding partner of Communication Technologies, Inc. (CTI), which launched the publication and its annual trade show, the MoldMaking Expo (now Amerimold expo). She also was editorial director for CTI’s three other trade publications: Time-Compression Technologies, Continuity Insights, and Emergency Number Professional.

MMT was acquired by Gardner Business Media in 2004 where she continues to serve as the brand’s Editorial Director.  Christina is also the Technical Conference Director for the annual Amerimold expo and a contributing editor for Additive Manufacturing focused on mold and toolmaking applications.

She is the current secretary for the Society of Plastics Engineers Mold Technologies Division, which exists to foster growth in the moldmaking and design profession by encouraging the training of moldmakers at the apprentice level, supporting the continuing development of established moldmakers, and by gathering and exchanging information on materials and mold performance.

Christina also works with other moldmaking trade associations, such as the American Mold Builders Association and PLASTICS, on special projects such as the MoldMaking Matters educational video series. 

Christina moderates panels and speaks at industry trade events on workforce development, mold manufacturing, and the brand’s annual Leadtime Leaders Awards program.

Christina uses various media outlets to help educate her audience, including industrial video projects that highlight shop innovations, and guest spots on IMTSTV for IMTS, and Plastics TV on the NPE Network to discuss moldmaking trends and technology. 

Christina lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and son who are all active within their church, school and local community. When she’s not working, she spends time raising awareness for Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder her son has. Christina also enjoys being outdoors, day-hiking, fast-walking, cruising back roads in her Jeep, binge-watching original Netflix series, and planning family events. She loves music, the sun, and relaxing by water or on a beach.


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