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TechSolve is dedicated to advancing manufacturers through technology. By leveraging our deep understanding of machining, data extraction & manufacturing processes, TechSolve is able to translate current and emerging technologies that empower manufacturers to confidently adopt and integrate technologies that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Coming up on September 16th, manufacturers do not want to miss out on the MFG Strong Workforce Summit, a manufacturing event focusing on workforce development. Southwest Ohio manufacturers will benefit from learning industry best practices, hiring and talent development tactics, and employee retainment strategies. According to TechSolve, this event will feature key topics that “cultivate the holistic organizational culture necessary to outperform in today’s highly diverse and disruption-prone workplace and marketplace.”

Featured Guests:

Traci Spencer

Traci Spencer is the Grant Program Manager at TechSolve. During her 26 years of service, Ms. Spencer has been a passionate advocate for the workforce of the future, incumbent workers, and small and medium-sized manufacturers. A majority of Ms. Spencer’s time is spent overseeing the program management, grant administration, reporting, and successful completion of deliverables and standards for TechSolve’s grants including its Ohio MEP program as well as various other state and federal programs. Ms. Spencer also manages the flow of information related to the consultation, training, technical assistance, and business assistance of small and mid-size manufacturers in order to both report return on investment to the manufacturers and key performance measures to the government funding stakeholders. Ms. Spencer received her BA in Political Science from Wittenberg University and is a 2019 graduate of the Tab Wilkins Emerging MEP Leaders Program. Traci is a member of the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3), NIST MEP Cybersecurity Working Group,  NIST MEP Workforce Working Group, NIST MEP Supplier Scouting Group, as well as the NIST MEP Industry 4.0 Working Group.


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