Debunking Manufacturing Myths: “Manufacturing environments are dirty or dingy” Part II


McGregor Metalworking Companies are changing the game as an employer in South East Ohio, of course, their programs and insight deserve their own episode! McGregor is family-owned, employs about 300 people in the region, and has manufactured various products since the first of four companies was purchased in the 1960s.

Cleanliness for employees makes you feel good walking into that environment. The perception is that manufacturing is dirty, that’s really not true. You do have some dirt, don’t get me wrong… For the most part, the areas that our employees work in, we do some 5S throughout the plant. We try to keep everything close to where an operator needs it. Just walking in, in general, it feels good to come into an environment that you can feel clean while you’re there, productive, and there’s a lot of pride in your workshop.”

Jeannie Seery, Human Resources Manager/Recruiter, McGregor Metalworking Companies

Featured Guest:

Jeannie Seery, Human Resources Manager/Recruiter, McGregor Metalworking Companies

Jeannie has over a decade of experience in manufacturing, including in HR, purchasing, and other roles. She came into manufacturing when searching for work-life balance. Jeannie has been working within the family-owned McGregor group for the past 9 years, beginning at Carmichael Machine Corporation and allowing her the flexibility to raise three children.

McGregor Metalworking Companies began as a floral shop and grew to serve various markets in manufacturing including agriculture, automotive, consumers (fitness equipment, tools, etc.) and more.

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