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Manufacturing Internships, co-ops, job shadows, and other programs provide an exchange of services for experience between a student, high school or adult age, and a manufacturing company. They also give the company a chance to engage with potential employment candidates for a full-time job in the future. Grant Career Center is paving the way for its students to gain college level training or skills, beyond an entry-level position for employers.

Those students have a depth and a vocabulary that they can use to continue to grow those skills within an organization… We have students that are coming out that have skills that are beyond really some of those thirty and forty year old employees that are already in your building.”

Chad Graybill, Work-based Learning Coordinator, Grant Career Center

Featured Guest:

Chad Graybill, Work-based Learning Coordinator, Grant Career Center

Chad graduated from the career center in 1990 and began a career in construction. His background includes Journeyman training as a carpenter, then going on to spend 18 years in the classroom teaching construction. The past five years, he has worked as a placement coordinator, NCCER manager and Navigo Coach at the Grant Career Center.


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